Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hooded Baby Towel

Yarn: Worsted Weight 4 ply 100% Cotton approx. 8 - 9 ounces (Peaches and Cream/Sugar and Cream/Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton etc.)
Machine: Bulky 9mm machine, T9
Finished Measurements: 27" wide by 32" long for towel with an additional 9.5" - 10" for the hood, before shrinkage.

E-Wrap 96 stitches (or full needlebed if you want a wider towel). Knit 128 rows, (knit more rows if you prefer a longer towel) backstitch bind off. Rehang center 60 stitches with purl side facing you, (I just take the edge stitches off the machine and leave the center 60 stitches on the machine and e-wrap over them) knit 44 rows, bind off, fold hood piece in half and sew top seam to form the hood, single crochet around the edge of entire piece. I like to do a crochet macaroni bobble for the point of the hood.

You can do a narrower hood, but I like the wider one because when you over lap it to swaddle the baby, it’s more snuggly, in my opinion.

Another option would be to turn the towel on it's side, find the center and add the hood. This would make it wider version for wrapping the baby in.

Copyright belongs to Clarisse Gibson 2007. Please do not sell this pattern or include it in any group of patterns for resale. This pattern is free for you to use as you see fit, as long as you are not selling the pattern itself.



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